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Blumen Lumen

Blumen Lumen by Foldhaus Artist Collective is a grouping of seven larger-than-life origami flowers that bloomed and glowed with multiple colors as people moved around them during Canal Convergence 2017. When they were not activated by movement, the flowers closed and bloomed intermittently. Blumen Lumen premiered at Burning Man 2013 and has since traveled to art festivals throughout the United States creating a sense of communal wonder for all those who encounter them.


During Canal Convergence, Foldhaus Artist Collective offered a workshop, Folding a Geometric Flower Workshop, Thursday, Feb. 23– Sunday, Feb. 26, 4–6 p.m. daily, where participants learned how to make their own small scale, take-home folded geometric flower. This workshop was free and open to all ages.

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