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Diaphanous: Photography by Jace Becker

Diaphanous is a collection of photographic works that represent the photographer’s experiments with the manipulation of the photographic emulsion itself.

These disparate, but unified experiments explore notions of the ephemeral—death, birth and renewal, liminal spaces, and homotopic transitions.

Through an inundation of caustic chemistry most images are permanently lost, like wisps of evanescent memory into oblivion. The few that do survive persist as metaphors for a new haunting and otherworldly perception.

Becker is an accomplished rock climber, surfer, and lover of the outdoors. When not hiding from the Arizona sun in his darkroom, you can find him camping on the side of a cliff somewhere. He still chases the ice cream truck at full sprint. 

He has a BA from Montana State University School of Film and Photography, Bozeman, MT and is currently a Master’s candidate at Arizona State University’s Herberger Institute of Art and Design.

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