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Meghan Kesti

"How can we live without our lives?  How will we know it’s us without our past?"- Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck


Photography is used to preserve and record, but there is a natural limit to its truthfulness.  A photograph is a specific fraction of time, a subjective idea of the photographer, a slip of the world deemed more important than what wasn’t framed.  A photograph is a moment taken from the now and made so it could remain safe and unchanged, and become a part of the past.


The nature of this medium is precisely what  compels me to photograph my family.   Since I have started taking photos, my family has expanded and shifted, babies have arrived, siblings have moved and years have slipped away.  Although the moments that I savor are unable to be perfectly descriptive, they stand as a record of how I know and remember the people I love. 


Meghan Kesti was born and raised in Arizona, and graduated with her BFA in photography from Arizona State University in 2011.  She has decided, for now, to stay close to home so she can slowly distill the meaning of family.

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