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Stop, Fast, Slow

Our exhibitions team curated this show of work by local artists exploring Arizona and how we get around our cities and in between—blacktop and concrete, dirt roads and trails, freeways and interstates, sitting in traffic, on the bus and train, or cruising the bike lane, from cityscapes to desert and mountain views, high rise buildings to historic bungalows.


Traveling is beautiful, gritty, hot, cold, running fast, and dragging slow.  What is it like, living your life in the car? Who did you meet on the bus today? How do you feel when you watch the city roll by out the window or from your bike seat?


People in the southwest know how long it takes to get from place to place and have opinions on the best way to get there. Distances are great. We find shortcuts to work and we take road trips just for fun. We stop, we go fast, and we go slow.


Aleksandra Buha (Phoenix)

Ann Osgood (Phoenix)

Brian Smith (Phoenix)

Christopher Fraioli (Tucson)

Diana Hartley

Jacki Orr (Phoenix)

Jessica Melrose (Tucson)

Jessie Shinn (Tucson)

Judith Rothenstein-Putzer (Fountain Hills)

Lara Plecas (Phoenix)

Laura Spalding-Best (Tempe)

Michael Taisto Ranta (Tempe)

Rossitza Todorova (Tempe)

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