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Les Luminéoles and Lentille d’eau

Founded by kite and paragliding enthusiast Christophe Martine, artist association Porté par le vent brought two installations to Canal Convergence 2017 from their native France: Les Luminéoles and Lentille d’eau. Les Luminéoles is a procession of five colorful “helium light kites” that soared into the sky each evening to perform an enchanting aerial ballet. The kites take the forms of carps and dragonflies, and each creature was piloted by a single person residing in large, blooming flower on the ground that lights up with each flight. Lentille d’eau is a light installation composed of 50 luminous spheres which were placed in the canal from Marshall Way Bridge to Goldwater Boulevard, and radiated different color sequences each night.


Poem by Dustin Pearson for Four Chambers Press Poetry Reading at Canal Convergence:


We came hopeful

from every corner of the city


as if promised to be reminded,

in this last falling of the world,


the shapes our dreams

might still take against the night.


We came with loved ones.

Young and older, we came


solitary and confident or trying,

with thoughts to rest, aches


in our backs, and illness

in uncertain spread


throughout our minds and bodies,

to watch with wonder, with awe,


but then a stillness, necks craning

or fixed, eyes wandering,


suddenly aware, resisting

the urge to raise our arms


to name that which was still making

in the sky. Why would we project


so far beyond us? Higher

than our limbs could reach

or lift each other in flight?

Could it be we’ve gathered to marvel


as those who first marveled

at fire, the moon, the planets


diminished by the distance

and in our eyes, when the world was newer


and all light rare. Is it a testament

to our beauty or fading


that the reasons remain the same,

suspecting ourselves on a precipice


in a dark forward march,

that tomorrow may only turn


to let us go,

as if tomorrow our only hold,


save knowing we haven’t fallen yet,

that we’ll have to wait out the night,


long as it is,

and that perhaps we won’t fall


so long as our light continues

its graceful dance,


and at least one of us remains

to keep watch,


so that it might never

be lost between us. 

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