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Spiraling Droplets

Spiraling Droplets is an installation of 30 illuminated, floating buoys of varying sizes that mimic the form of water droplets. The buoys span 600 feet, and are arranged in the Arizona Canal from Marshall Way Bridge to Goldwater Boulevard, simulating a wave formation that mirrors the movement of water ripples and currents. When the installation is illuminated, the lights appear in various sequence animations that are inspired by water elements such as the refractions of running water, falling snow, or the defragmentation of light that creates a rainbow over a cloud of mist.

Aphidoidea [Ahh-fi-doe-idea] is a Los Angeles-based, multi-disciplinary art, design, and architecture collective. For this installation, they were inspired by the versatility of the water in its many forms, and focused on capturing the elegance and beauty of a water drop in motion.

During Canal Convergence, Scottsdale Public Art will had a Make Your Own Spiraling Droplets kit for sale that give you the opportunity to build your own miniature Spiraling Droplet. This kit is now on sale at The Store at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts.

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