April 14, 2020

Immerse your Zoom meetings and family chats in public art.

Flawless by Studio ALEX. Photo by Sean Deckert

Missing all those beautiful public artworks in Scottsdale that you used to see every day on your way to work? How about all of that wonderful social activity while experiencing the artworks of Canal Convergence? Well, don’t worry; we have the answer! Liven up your meetings or enhance your digital happy hour with exclusive Scottsdale Public Art Zoom backgrounds.

Click on the images in the galleries below to select a background image sized just for Zoom video chats! All images are either art in the Scottsdale Public Art collection or past Canal Convergence artworks.

Backgrounds of past Canal Convergence artworks

Backgrounds from the Scottsdale Public Art collection

If you want to see more, let us know by posting a screen grab on Instagram of you in a Zoom meeting with one of the 10 public artworks as your background, tagging our Instagram account @sdlpubart, and using the hashtag #ScottsdaleImmerse. We have an expansive photo library that we would love to share with you to make your coworkers and family jealous!