May 26, 2020

Local Artist Kyllan Maney Starts Front Yard Pop-Up Gallery

Kyllan Maney offers a Live Mural Painting and Stencil Workshop in November 2018 at Canal Convergence. Photo: Scottsdale Arts.

As a part of our Artists Giving Back series, we are looking to share a broad range of ways in which artists, art studios, and organizations are giving back to their community. In this edition, we are sharing former Canal Convergence 2018 artist Kyllan Maney’s efforts to share her artwork and inspire creativity with her pop-up gallery wall. Here are a few words from Kyllan about what she is doing and how her neighbors have responded:

“When this COVID-19 isolation all began, it was quite disturbing. Exhibitions, mural work, and in-person teaching are all over for a while. I figured this was a good time to start painting a mural on the front of the house. On social media, I saw one of my friends, Melissa Waddell, created a pop-up gallery in front of her house. I asked if I could do the same. Little did I know, this is a national movement: #putartinyouryard.

Kyllan Maney’s Pop-Up Art Gallery. Photo: Kyllan Maney.

“I created my gallery from some repurposed wood I was planning to use for a chicken coop. I change the artwork every few days. Since I have become a pop-up gallery owner, I started to have more friendly interactions with my neighbors. Some who never spoke to me before are now stopping by to say hi!

Two iterations of Kyllan Maney’s Pop-Up Art Gallery. Photos: Kyllan Maney.

“I have also received a positive online response. Recently, a follower on Instagram discovered my pop-up gallery when she was out running. We did not even realize we were neighbors. For me, when I feel down in the morning, I find redoing the gallery uplifts my spirit and my hope is that it uplifts the spirit of people who see it as well.”

We applaud Kyllan and the #putartinyouryard movement’s efforts to create another way to appreciate art in the public sphere. In these strange and uncertain times, where galleries have had to close and art projects are put on hold, it is good to see new and exciting artworks on display, even if it is sitting next to a garden gnome.  

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