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I pledge to be kind, present, and to hold high respect for wonder. 

I will remember that I am small, but I am part of the whole.  


That is the DreamScout Pledge, and if you say it with me, we can enter a new world: a world like ours, but not ours—a world full of snakes and houses that speak and plants that can see! Camp Dreamtree is an art installation in the shape of a camp, deep within the Fireweather Forest in the land of Crystal Burn. Within this camp, you will discover the history of our time in this new world; the friendship of our founder, Evan Stevens, with an unlikely partner; and be given the opportunity to complete your tasks and earn your badge. Camp Dreamtree is all about living in the present moment, being kind to those around you, and practicing respect for wonder. It is through wonder that we see the world with curiosity, and it is through respect for wonder that we see ourselves as part of this world—small, but part of the whole. 

Join the artists for a live Zoom event where you will take the DreamScout Pledge, earn your badges, and learn how to make leather slides for your very own bandana! RSVP includes a link to the Jamboree as a part of the five-day Camp Dreamtree session. The Jamboree is only a part of the Camp Dreamtree Spring Break Experience. Although the DreamScout Kits are sold out, you can still use household items to participate in free daily activities involving earning badges, making crafts, sharing stories, and interacting with the wise and colorful Izimbra from the comfort of your own backyard. Click here for more information.

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This is a virtual event. A link will be provided with RSVP.

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