January 18, 2023

“Rip Woods had a profound influence on his students, and many of us continue to be inspired by the wisdom of his works and words. Perhaps the best motivation from Rip is contained in this quote: ’We are never so advanced, but what we cannot benefit from a good review of the basics.’ My work currently is an expression of those words, whether in art, or my other passion, dog agility training. Not surprisingly, dogs are frequently the subject of my pencil or brush.” — Helen Parkhill

Roosevelt “Rip” Woods was Parkhill’s art teacher at Camelback High School. After her graduation from Arizona State University (ASU) with a degree in education, she taught in local elementary schools. During a sabbatical, she returned to ASU to study with Woods as a master of fine arts candidate and worked as a teaching assistant in the ASU School of Art. During that time, she was able to learn valuable lessons in art and life from Woods.