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Brad Goldberg


Artist Brad Goldberg designed Alluvium, drainage culverts that cross the road at the washes along the length of Pinnacle Peak Road. The public art elements include a pedestrian underpass, sculptural railings, and a landscape feature.  As the underpass and access to the intersection were the dual focus, the materials, both natural and built, reflect the environs and draws from the indigenous materials of Pinnacle Peak. The fence reflects a natural rusticated design. The strength of the desert masonry, the washes and the particular zones of vegetation are reflected throughout Goldberg’s design of this intersection.

The intersection is a six-lane parkway with landscaped median, turn lanes, grade-separated path crossing, bike lanes, sidewalks, curb and gutter, roadway drainage, intelligent transportation system facilities and noise mitigation.  It was part of the Pima Road improvements project undertaken by the City of Scottsdale from Deer Valley Road to Pinnacle Peak Road. The goal of the design guidelines and for this project is to address the engineering and traffic needs, while maintain a minimal impact on the natural environment to create a beautiful, unique, and appropriate roadway for the area.

Located just east of the intersection of Pinnacle Peak Road and Pima Road in Scottsdale.


Location8840 East Pinnacle Peak Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85255, USA

ArtistBrad Goldberg

DatesCompleted 2011

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