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Jeff Zischke


Nearly 200 artists applied for the opportunity to create iconic sculpture for the premier, nationally recognized equestrian center.  Impulsion reflects Arizona artist Jeff Zischke’s desire to create an iconic sculpture that serves as a grand entry to the renovated equidome and new North Hall at WestWorld while projecting the excitement of explosive movement in equine form.  The form is an amalgamation of several breeds and signifies the power, nobility and beauty of the entire species.

The sculpture is made of stainless steel square tubing for durability and low maintenance. The reflective quality of this material adds luster while the construction makes the tubing appear to float in formation. Zischke stated in his proposal that “at the most fundamental level, my intention is to create a site-specific work that is unique, educational, and interactive – to create a catalyst for an experience that tells visitors that Scottsdale is a place on the move, with all the propulsion, the power of the large, elegant horse they are looking up at.”

Lighting through controlled LEDs flush mounted to the pavers is  an integral part of the sculpture’s night presence. The stainless steel captures and reflects the colors. The overall dimensions of this monumental sculpture are: 20’-24’ tall, 35’-40’ wide, and 10’-12’ deep.

Project Background

WestWorld’s historic success is grounded in its equestrian events. Each of the past few years, more than 70 equestrian events, utilizing over 247 use days have taken place with some 220,000 attendees.

Today, the equestrian function of WestWorld is complemented by an increasing number of non-equestrian events ranging from dog shows to auto auctions. All the events, equestrian and other, provide great financial benefits to the community as well as contribute to Scottsdale’s cache.

Producers of many new equestrian shows expressed strong interest in coming to WestWorld if a larger, climate-controlled arena was available.  In addition, producers for some of the current shows wanted to add new shows and possibly expand the number days of their existing shows when a larger, enclosed WestWorld arena became available.

The City undertook an expansion that added 40,000 square feet of space to host special events at the facility.  The expanded equidome became the new home, replacing the temporary tent structures of the past, to the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction when it was completed in January 2014.

This artwork contains AR components.

Watch a three-dimensional animation of the Impulsion horse. You can resize and rotate the sculpture by pinching your fingers on the screen.

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Location16601 North Pima Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, USA

ArtistJeff Zischke

DatesCompleted December 2014

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