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Daniel Mariotti, Cherie Buck-Hutchison and Curtis Hutchison, John David Yanke

IN FLUX Cycle 9

IN FLUX Cycle 9 includes 11 artworks and six performances in six cities across the Valley, including five pieces here in Scottsdale. Four of the five artworks will remain on view through February 28, 2022. IN FLUX provides opportunities for local artists to create site-specific, temporary public art installations.


Daniel Mariotti
Meditation on Fragmented Space

Daniel Mariotti recasts visual content to create new references that allow viewers a moment of pause and consideration. With Meditation on Fragmented Space, his intent is to allow the viewer to disrupt their day and see themselves in the context of a public art piece. It is his hope that this piece offers something that resonates with the childlike wonder that pushes him to continue to create art and engage with the world around him. This sculpture is about offering viewers the opportunity to pull one’s self out of their reality into something different.

Daniel Mariotti (1992, United States) makes photos, drawings, and prints, taking inspiration from science and philosophy. In 2014 he received a bachelor of fine arts in photography and a bachelor of fine arts in printmaking from Arizona State University. Shortly after graduation, he became an artisan for the internationally-known fine art foundry Bollinger Atelier.

His work has been published by LUX magazine (2014, 2015), HAFNY (Humble Arts Foundation, 2017), Light Leaked (2017), APÉRO magazine (2018), and Average Art in the UK. He has exhibited in Tohono Chul (Tucson), The Lion’s Den (Austin, Texas), Modified Arts (Phoenix), Millepiani (Rome), and most recently with Fronteer Arts and Platforms Project (Athens).

Installation: July 1, 2020, through September 1, 2020

Location: Northeast corner of Scottsdale Road and Roosevelt Street
1005 N Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85257



Cherie Buck-Hutchison and Curtis Hutchison

#bluewing suggests representations of other blue wings in art history and the southwest, from Albrecht Durer’s Wing of a Blue Roller and Frank Cadogen Cowper’s The Blue Bird to the western blue jay to connotations surrounding mythological blue birds.

A blue palette creates a vibrant foreground in an urban landscape to complement the ever-changing Sonoran Desert sky. #bluewing dances with the ethereal expanse as the sun shimmers off angled tiles. #bluewing invites viewers to glide into the setting through the interactive use of contemporary selfies. In the process, the known engages with the unknown; it allows participants to let their imagination take flight into what was termed by the writer John Keats as negative capability.

Cherie Buck-Hutchison and Curtis Hutchison are a husband-and-wife team who collaborate to create public art, bringing together Cherie’s background in fine art as well as their collective tile expertise.

Installation: July 1, 2020, through February 28, 2022

Location: Northeast corner of Scottsdale Road and Oak Street
2301 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85257



John David Yanke
Stored Echoes
Secondary Effusion
To Atone

John David Yanke enjoys spatial illusion. Mattress springs are wonderfully engineered and offer viewers a visual challenge. Both sides look the same, yet even viewed at close-up range it can be difficult to determine spatial orientation. This is especially true when they are layered or bent into themselves. Left bare, they blend into their surroundings, and at distance, what’s behind them seeps through as if they don’t exist. Color is applied in order to reveal or expose. Stored Echoes, the stacked cubes piece, highlights these qualities and proposes a contradiction both formally and conceptually. Secondary Effusion does this in another way, offering viewers three organic forms that seem to be both projecting outward and folding in on themselves. They both seem to have a kinetic energy—they continue to jiggle even when there is no breeze, perhaps receiving vibrations from the ground. To Atone is a more solid sculpture of brightly colored halves of a circle, offset and cut through in order to both reveal the colors of each side and to incorporate the surroundings into itself, offering viewers continually changing perspectives.

John David Yanke is a painter at heart, currently working in three-dimensions, manipulating found domestic, communal items and raw materials. Mattress springs are especially and will continue to be a challenge and visual intrigue for him. Denying the “mattress-ness” through manipulation and hue is Yanke’s current undertaking. His pieces are the beauty of force and order, coerced into a kind of splendor, subdued by color ameliorating the violence in the making. Whether mattress springs or a raw material, color is used to awaken the overall shape. The primary-ness of hue softens rather than covers up. Yanke designed seats and saddlebags for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles in the 1990s and operated a mural and faux painting business and remodeled homes in the early 2000s. Currently, he teaches drawing and painting and holds a master’s degree in guidance counseling from Ottawa University and a master of fine arts in visual art from Azusa Pacific University.

Installation: July 1, 2020, through February 28, 2022

Location: Inside Miller Plaza at the northeast corner of Miller Road and Indian School Road
7620 E Indian School Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251


Location2301 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85257

ArtistDaniel Mariotti, Cherie Buck-Hutchison and Curtis Hutchison, John David Yanke

DatesJuly 1, 2020 through March 31, 2021

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