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Christopher Fennell

Industrial Pipe Wave

Artist Chris Fennell created a large sculptural wave of salvaged industrial pipe with three related smaller sculptures on site. The project represents an underground river of pipe surfacing three times before it rises up to a 24′ tall wave reminiscent of a sea serpent.  Building on site creates an installation that reacts to the specific location and to the viewer. The artist began with “sketches,” a full scale piece with lumber, then he crisscrossed the site so that he can see the installation from all angles to make changes before welding the first pipe. He also took time to meet neighbors and school children to receive feedback, incorporate changes, and explain the process.

Project Background

The installation is classified as temporary because it is on a revocable easement on the grounds of the North Indian Bend Wash Water Treatment Facility, in the landscaped area bordered by McDonald Road to the north, Cattletrack Road to the east, the facility to the south and the Arizona Canal to the east.

The new water treatment facility is in the heart of the North Indian Bend Wash Superfund Site. The Superfund Site is part of a federal program with Motorola providing funds for the facility. The landscaped area includes decomposed granite, plantings surrounding the facility’s security wall, retention basins and berms.

About the Artist’s work

The reuse of old objects is an idea that Chris Fennell has returned to again and again with success, for example using the lumber from an old Alabama barn where he is from, or donated lawn mower blades.  His work often incorporates a cantilevered wave. Past projects can be found on the artist’s website.

Starting in October 2014, Fennell spent up to two months creating a large sculptural wave of salvaged industrial pipe on site and install three smaller related sculptures. This installation illustrates an underground river of pipe surfacing three times before it rises up to a 24′ tall wave.

This artwork contains AR components.

Meet artist Christopher Fennell as he shares his inspiration for Industrial Pipe Wave.

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Location5985 N Cattletrack Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85250, USA

ArtistChristopher Fennell

DatesCompleted February 2015

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