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Herb Mignery

Passing the Legacy

Imagine the pounding of hooves and the snort of galloping horses as they race across the wild Arizona terrain, their intrepid riders passing off precious satchels of U.S. mail in a dramatic relay. A legendary American tradition established in 1860 was revived in 1958 by Arizona’s Hashknife Pony Express, which has continued to deliver the U.S. mail on galloping horseback with its annual 200-mile relay from Holbrook to Scottsdale. The sculpture’s authentic detailing and explosive action freeze-frame a distinctive piece of American legacy.

Herb Mignery (Loveland, Colorado) is a noted western artist and sculptor. He gained early recognition for his classic and humorous western cartoons and rose to fame when he started sculpting scenes from his early Nebraska farm and ranch days. Mignery’s attention to detail and sense of classical composure bring to life the realities and stories of the American West. A Nebraska native, Mignery has been a member of the prestigious Cowboy Artists of America since 1984.

  • In Passing the Legacy, a vintage 1860s horse and rider represent the original Pony Express. The lead rider, of modern-day origin, reaches back to grasp the passing legacy, ready to plunge forward into a new era.
  • It took twelve months for the artist and fabricators to refine and create the life-and-a-quarter size bronze monument, which is 20-feet long. The mold was divided into 170 sections and reconstructed in the “lost-wax” bronze casting process.
  • The original Pony Express was created on April 3, 1860, to  carry mail from St. Joseph, Missouri, to Sacramento, California, a distance of 1,960 miles. The mail cost $1 to $5 per ounce and was carried in a leather vest or mochila designed for a quick change.

This artwork contains AR components.

Meet Mark Reynolds, captain of the Navajo County Sheriff’s Hashknife Posse, to learn about the historic route that is recreated annually and culminates at this public art piece inspired by the historic Pony Express.

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LocationNorth Marshall Way & East Via Soleri Drive, Scottsdale, AZ, USA

ArtistHerb Mignery

DatesCompleted 2008

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