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During the COVID-19 crisis, our doors are temporarily closed but the cost to support the arts continues. Please consider giving a donation today to support the arts in Scottsdale.

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Carolyn Law

Rippling Waters Bridge

Carolyn Law designed Rippling Waters Bridge located over the Crosscut Canal on the west side of Tonalea, which dramatizes a sense of flow through the neighborhood. The canal crossing is an important access point for school children of Tonalea Middle School and for recreational users along the dirt path. Law’s prismatic pickets, fabricated by Art in Metal (Tempe), create an optical effect of shimmering water and shift color as one walks across, causing a sensory connection to the contents of the channel. Like most water infrastructure in Arizona, canals are slowly outgrowing their identity as unnoticed fixtures in our built environment. Law’s enchanting bridge promotes these waterways as community assets that string together all corners of the Valley.

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