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MoD a+p Moazam Khan & William Lester

Scottsdale Gateway Monument Replacement Project 

Scottsdale Public Art is teaming with the city of Scottsdale to update and provide a contemporary look to the gateway markers for residents and visitors entering Scottsdale. For this project, five artists and artist teams were chosen by a selection panel and were asked to propose designs for new gateway markers.  

In 2020, we asked the public to give us feedback on the five finalists’ designs and rate which one they liked best. Moazam Khan and William Lester of MoD a+p received the most votes and was selected. Their design concept proposes the use of rusted metal panels slicing through a poured-in-place, board-formed concrete wall with weeping edges. The form of the rusted metal panels are an abstract representation of mountains and a natural desert landscape merging together with a concrete base, becoming one. The combination of natural materials with striking contemporary forms represents integration of the old and new and the harmony of nature with the built environment.  

MoD a+p is a progressive design firm that has been embedded within the greater Phoenix metro community for nearly 10 years. Its focus on design, urban planning, and placemaking has led to multi-family, urban infill, adaptive re-use, and urban planning projects that enrich and connect communities. With innovative design solutions, materials, and a keen sensitivity to how each project relates to its surrounding context, MoD a+p has designed numerous projects in downtown and historic districts of Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Paradise Valley, as well as other cities in the United States. All team members have been Valley residents for more than 15 years with one living in Scottsdale for 34 years. Together, they have personally watched the Valley of the Sun develop, and they truly understand the historic, artistic, and architectural richness of the city. 

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