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During the COVID-19 crisis, our doors are temporarily closed but the cost to support the arts continues. Please consider giving a donation today to support the arts in Scottsdale.

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Joe Tyler

Sonoran Monsoon and Desert Moods

Artist Joe Tyler’s six transit shelters on Shea Blvd. between 90th St. and 136th St. provide beauty and shade with a distinctly organic style. The artist designed the transit shelters to integrate art, aesthetically and conceptually, into the Arizona landscape. Sonoran Monsoon resembles a tree blowing in the wind with a circular bench for awaiting bus riders to sit.

The tree’s branches and leaves portray an elegant sense of motion with winding, steel detail work going down the trunk of the tree. The sister shelter, Desert Moods, portrays a tall saguaro cactus supporting a flat, white, cloud-like awning that acts as shelter. Different versions of Desert Moods are decorated with saguaro cactus flowers, suns, and quarter moons giving the series of bus stops variety and elegance for the people of the community to enjoy.

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