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Jeff Zischke

Sonoran Seed Pods

Scottsdale artist Jeff Zischke created this series of sculptures based on the shapes of seeds and seed pods of the Sonoran Desert trees, shrubs, and wildflowers found in the park, such as mesquite, creosote, brittle bush, and yucca. The individual sculptures are placed along the ¾-mile hiking trail that makes a loop through the east end of the park. An entry marker, honoring the memory of longtime Scottsdale resident and art enthusiast Frank Crerie is located at the top of the nature trail. Crerie’s bequest to Scottsdale Public Art made this project possible.

This artwork contains AR components.

Using the Hoverlay app, view a 3D model of one of the Sonoran Seed Pods in your own home and step through a portal that will magically transport you to the Frank Crerie Natural Trail, in 360 degrees, with augmented reality. Click here to learn about this experience.


Location27775 N Alma School Pkwy, Scottsdale, AZ 85262, USA

ArtistJeff Zischke

DatesCompleted September 2014

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