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Donald Lipski and Jim Green

The Doors and Sound Passage

Made of Ipe (Brazilian hardwood), mirror polished stainless steel, L.E.D. lights, and thousands of hand forged stainless steel rivets and strapping, The Doors was commissioned by Starwood Capital Group, LLD, Golub & Company and IDM Properties in cooperation with the Scottsdale Public Art Program, and gifted to the City of Scottsdale upon its dedication.

What would one see and feel if you were able to stand inside a kaleidoscope? Pedestrians venturing inside this kaleidoscopic sculpture find multiple reflections of themselves and an oculus that creates the optical illusion of a geodesic dome overhead. The polished metal surfaces fracture and mirror back interior inhabitants and the light reflected from the sky. At night, countless points of light surround the viewer.

Artist Donald Lipski (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is known for creating art from every-day objects that we often take for granted. The artist was inspired to create The Doors after making toys for his young son, when he began to wonder what a person would see and feel if they were able to stand inside a kaleidoscope.

The experience within the sculpture is enhanced with Sound Passage by sound artist Jim Green (Denver, Colorado). Listen to found sounds such as the Soleri bells at Cosanti, and a variety of mysterious aural selections including watery swishes, melodious vocals, and cadenced percussion. Green’s selections also include recordings from a flute performance of Sedona recording artist Jesse Kalu. These enigmatic audio elements mitigate the noise of passing traffic, creating a truly contemplative experience that Green calls a sound massage.

This artwork contains AR components.

Meet artist Donald Lipski as he describes the artwork and shares the story behind it.

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