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Bird Cloud Island

Scottsdale Public Art presents: Bird Cloud Island by Koryn Woodward Wasson
May 11 - August 31, 2017


This summer, Scottsdale Public Art and artist Koryn Woodward Wasson are transforming the Gallery at Civic Center Library into a luxurious family-friendly resort hotel titled Bird Cloud Island! Once only for birds, Bird Cloud Island is opening its doors to human families so they can get out of the summer heat and enjoy some rest and relaxation alongside their feathered friends.


While exploring the hotel as either a guest or a concierge-in-training, visitors can enjoy the resort’s special bird-friendly amenities like the Neato-Nido Nests, Early’s Diner, the Jewel Pool and the Good-Night Show at the Luna Club. Bird Cloud Island also will host a variety of free, art-making and educational workshops so guests can learn more about their local bird population and how birds and humans rely on each other for survival.  

Starting Friday, June 6, discover the Bird Cloud Island "Flight Path" and "Career Path!" Each starts with a pamphlet taking you to the different amenity stations around the gallery. At each station you will learn about how to become a bird hotel guest, or how to care for them, depending on your chosen path. The paths will end once you have filled out your pamphlet with everything you have learned. Then you take it to the youth librarian to collect your reward: a hotel key or Four Feathers Society pin!

Scottsdale Public Art hosted a Grand Opening Reception on Thursday, May 11, 2017, 5-7:30 p.m. at the Gallery @ The Library. The public enjoyed the official ribbon-cutting, an exclusive tour with artist and "hotel manager" Koryn Woodward Wasson, and delicious bird-themed snacks and refreshments.


Whether you become an official hotel guest, a “Four Feather Society” member or a visitor to the grounds, all are invited to attend the free, family-friendly workshops created by Wasson.



Additional events include “I’m a Harwood Steiger Addict” Presentation by Cynthia DeVillemarette; a lecture about artist and designer Harwood Steiger on August 16, at 6:30 p.m. at the Civic Center Library Auditorium, and a closing reception "Bird Cloud Island Party" on August 26th. 

In addition to all of the fun workshops and activities, a new bird will be featured on the Bird Cloud Island coloring sheet each week throughout the summer, so collect them all!

And if you missed one week, don't worry, you can download them here:


Bird Cloud Island by Koryn Woodward Wasson has been made possible by a generous donation by the Carstens Family Funds.


About the Artist:

Koryn was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education with an emphasis on printmaking from Arizona State University. She will be starting as the middle school arts instructor at Pueblo del Sol this year. She lives and works with her husband Roy Wasson Valle and their daughter, Cora. In 2014, Koryn and Roy worked together to create Camp Dreamtree in the Gallery @ The Library. 

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