The ScottsdalePublicArt augmented reality channel not only enhances the art, it also expands it. We have added AR components to 11 of the artworks from the Scottsdale Public Art Permanent Collection throughout Old Town Scottsdale. The artworks listed below have AR features. Click the link to each for more information about the artworks, including their locations.

Please be aware of your surroundings while using the app.

Scottsdale Public Art Permanent Collection

Aspire by Simon Donovan and Ben Olmstead

Birdie Umwelt by Mary Lucking

Bronze Horse Fountain by Bob Parks

Diamond Bloom by Curtis Pittman

The Doors by Donald Lipski and Jim Green

Horseshoe Falls by Michael Maglich

Impulsion by Jeff Zischke

Industrial Pipe Wave by Christopher Fennell

Knight Rise by James Turrell

LOVE by Robert Indiana

One-Eyed Jack by John Randall Nelson

Passing the Legacy by Herb Mignery

Pinball Wizard  by Annette Coleman

Soleri Bridge and Plaza by Paolo Soleri

Sonoran Seed Pods by Jeff Zischke

Spirit of Camelback by Kana Tanaka

Traceries by Mary Bates Neubauer

Water Mark by Laura Haddad and Tom Drugan

Windows to the West by Louise Nevelson

The Yearlings by George-Ann Tognoni 

How to Access AR Features

Before visiting the event, access your mobile device’s app store, download the Hoverlay app, and follow instructions to install the Hoverlay camera browser app on your mobile device. Search for the ScottsdalePublicArt channel to unlock these experiences at home, or look for QR codes on signs or ground stickers at the Scottsdale Waterfront and around Old Town Scottsdale. Please note: the app requires an augmented reality-capable device running iOS 13 or later or Android 7.0 or later.