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Jeff Zischke

Global Unity

SOHO Scottsdale, SPA Led  

SOHO Scottsdale has selected artist Jeff Zischke for phase 2 of its project. Zischke’s sculpture concept Global Unity depicts people supporting each other with the earth balanced on top.  The figures will be fabricated out of stainless steel and the round globe will be made of formcolored translucent resin panels. It will stand approximately 60 feet high.  Irene Clary, President of Catclar Investments, developer of SOHO Scottsdale, is enthusiastic about Zischke’s iconic artwork contribution and the beautiful artistic results throughout the SOHO community.  For the first phase of their project, SOHO Scottsdale installed artwork by Leticia Huerta, Lauren Lee, and Christopher Weed. 

Gordon Huether 

Circle of Life  

Caesars Republic Scottsdale, developer-led project

Caesars Republic Scottsdale has selected artist Gordon Huether to create a public artwork for its non-gaming hotel project in Old Town. Gordon Huether’s sculpture concept Circle of Life represents timelessness, self-realization, relationship, and unity. The large circle will be made of durable stainless-steel to demonstrate strength and longevity. The color-changing sphere in the middle, lit with LED lights, juxtaposes the stability of the stainless steel with the fluidity of everyday life. The entire piece will stand at approximately 14 feet tall, with the sphere being 5 feet in diameter. 

Peter Deise

Crystalline Geometry- Goldwater, in progress

The Goldwater, developer-led project

The Goldwater sees this pedestrian corridor as an important step to solidify walkability in Scottsdale. Their proposal locates the art as a component of it, integrating the artwork to further enhance what will become a highly public and accessible new connector. The concept borrows from the initial notion of generating new connections—like new neural connections in a healing brain, a fractal pattern emerged, and the geometry of crystals— and compounded them with the initial strokes that described movement, momentum, and nodes. The selected artist, Peter Deise, has developed an organic vocabulary through his Crystalline Geometry Series. The work proposed for The Goldwater uses that narrative and envisions an elevated piece, partially hovering over the pedestrian corridor while taking advantage of this location’s exposure to sunlight. The geometry will be seen both as the body of the sculpture and as the manifestation of the passage of time in the form of changing shadows that will lengthen and conceal throughout the day. At night, the sculpture will be delicately illuminated so it can continue to be a marker and wayfinding icon. 

FUTUREFORMS – Kimsey Grove

Brian Brush – Luminal

The Kimsey, developer-led project

The Kimsey has selected artists Jason Kelly Johnson and Nataly Gattegno of FUTUREFORMS and Brian Brush to create public artworks for their project.

Kimsey Grove, by FUTUREFORMS, is a sculptural shade canopy that fosters pedestrian interactions and establishes a dynamic focal point for the site. While the artwork evokes the orange groves that previously grew on the site, it also references the pleated geometries of the saguaro cactus and colorful desert flower blooms.

Luminal, by Brian Brush, is a work of public art that manifests the fluidity and semblance of history in an abstract illumination structure, connecting people to the place, identity, and experience of the Kimsey site. Taking cues from one of Arizona’s traditional five C’s of the economy, Luminal weaves the abstract embodiment of a citrus grove into a liminal space between the historic Triangle building by Ralph Haver and the new Kimsey residential building by Gensler + Sydnor.