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Luster Kaboom’s FunHouse

Luster Kaboom's Funhouse is an alternative take on the old- time carnival midway, where what is advertised is not always what you get. The hype and anticipation of a funhouse bring you to a surprising reality that isn't what you expect. Wavy mirrors, a Siamese horse, alien babies, the world's biggest dog, peephole galleries to alternate realities, and fortune telling twins are some of the amazing sights at this funhouse!


David Quan (Luster Kaboom) was born in Phoenix and grew up in Scottsdale. He spent many hours reading books in the Scottsdale Civic Center library as a child, so it was especially meaningful for him to create this installation here. Quan now lives in New York, where he continues to work as a mural artist and alternative cartoonist. Luster Kaboom is known locally for mural paintings such as the big green Nerd Monster behind the Trunk Space, on Grand Avenue in Phoenix, and the Jackalope Ranch serial comic, Magical Moment.



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