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October 6, 2022

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Public Artwork Livens Up New Sports Complex in Scottsdale 

Scottsdale Public Art and artist Mary Shindell installed “Mesquite Bosque” at the Bell94 Sports Complex. Photo: Scottsdale Arts

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — A new public artwork has joined the Scottsdale Public Art Permanent Collection to welcome a new local attraction. 

Arizona artist Mary Shindell created “Mesquite Bosque,” which can be found at the Bell94 Sports Complex in north Scottsdale. The McDowell Mountains, located east of the complex, became Shindell’s inspiration for the artwork from the moment she saw them as a backdrop to the complex. 

“That day the mountains were a stunning violet color. I used the color from the mountains as a response to the site,” said Shindell. “I enjoyed working on this large active area and creating artwork to reflect and enhance the experiences of everyone using the site.” 

Shindell drew inspiration from the natural world encompassing the Bell94 Sports Complex. Including the violet color, she also took inspiration from the Mesquite trees near the entrance to the park and throughout Scottsdale by weaving tree branches and leaves on each of the panels. 

“Mesquite Bosque” features eight water-jet-cut aluminum panels bordering the facility buildings and the main entrance to the sports fields. Each panel is 8 feet wide and powder-coated in a striking violet color. 

“Whether you are passing by on your way to the fields, walking your dog or relaxing at the shaded picnic tables nearby, ‘Mesquite Bosque’ will draw your attention with its colorful panels and intricate line work,” said Victoria Sajadi, public art coordinator at Scottsdale Public Art. “My favorite time to view ‘Mesquite Bosque’ is at sunrise and sunset; the sun at these times deepens the violet color and extends the artwork through the shadows that dance on the sidewalk.” 

Officials from the city of Scottsdale and Scottsdale Public Art will be holding a dedication of the new Bell94 Sports Complex, including “Mesquite Bosque,” at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 12, at 9390 E. Bell Rd., Scottsdale, AZ, 85260. Events will include music, activities for kids, food trucks and a keynote speaker. To learn more about “Mesquite Bosque” and view photos of the artwork, visit