May 3, 2024

New Temporary Artwork Blooms in Scottsdale  

New temporary artwork is up in Scottsdale! In the post below, artist Nicole Davy answers questions below about her artwork Desert Bloom, located on the northeast corner of Scottsdale Road and Oak Street. 

Desert Bloom, by Nicole Davy, is among the new temporary artworks installed in south Scottsdale. Photo: Brian Passey.

Scottsdale Public Art:  Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background in art. 

Nicole Davy: I was born and raised in Phoenix, started tattooing in 2008, and decided to attend art school in 2014. While attending Glendale Community College, I realized I wanted to pursue fine art. I graduated from Arizona State University in 2018 with a focus on foundry and painting. ASU’s foundry program, run by Mary Neubauer, allowed me to intern at a high-end art foundry while attending school. I fell in love with the foundry process and have enjoyed working full-time at Bollinger Atelier since 2018. I enjoy making molds, pouring metal, and being part of an exceptional team of artisans. I also continue to tattoo at the Sentient Tattoo Collective in Tempe with another team of wonderful humans who are incredibly talented in the craft and working artists in other mediums.  

Artist Nicole Davy

Scottsdale Public Art: What inspired the design for your Desert Bloom artwork? 

Nicole Davy: Desert Bloom was a project I was inspired to do because I enjoy the beauty of the desert and the way it bursts with life after the rain. It is desolate, then lush, like a sleeping beauty that only arrives at the perfect time to rise and shine its beauty for us to appreciate. I came up with the idea as I thought about growing up in the West Valley, surrounded by citrus and flower beds all around being cultivated. It was quiet but alive and beautiful if you took the time to notice. I wanted to create a piece that displays our natural beauty here with a nod to the Art Nouveau style to emphasize its wonder.  

Scottsdale Public Art: How did you create Desert Bloom

Nicole Davy: Desert Bloom was created by me drawing on Procreate on my iPad, then refined once I determined the size, colors, and materials for the project. After having some time to plan, I decided that, by using aluminum plates, I would be able to combine my love of painting with metal. The design was water jet-cut and laid on top of my painted color choices, which were then welded together to create a sturdy structure for being placed outside. With the help of Bollinger Atelier and the incredible artisans I work with, I had the support to approach the project in a way that would succeed and be what I hoped to accomplish. Tanya Galin and Victoria Sajadi from Scottsdale Public Art were also incredible support as I navigated through this public art process for the first time.

You can find Desert Bloom on the northeast corner of Scottsdale Road and Oak Street.
Photo: Brian Passey.

Scottsdale Public Art: What do you hope people take away from viewing Desert Bloom

Nicole Davy:  I hope anyone who views Desert Bloom enjoys the play on shape, color, and design. I love to hear what people see and feel when they observe art. I hope some people connect to the aesthetic and enjoy it. Being part of the desert is a beautiful thing, and I hope they feel some positive feelings when they view the piece—maybe feel some of that beauty that bursts into our desert at special times of the year.

Join Scottsdale Arts on August 1, 2024, to celebrate the new temporary artworks in Scottsdale! Check out our Events page for more details to come, and watch our blog to hear from the other artists involved!

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