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Amelia Poe and Daniel Martin Diaz

A Path In The Sun

This project at Fire Station 613, near the intersection of Jomax and Hayden roads, includes a custom terrazzo design and glass enhancements by Tucson-based artists Daniel Martin Diaz and Amelia Poe. Titled A Path In The Sun, the terrazzo design is incorporated into 270 square feet of floor space in the lobby and the entry corridor.

The path symbol in the piece reflects the path of service that first responders have chosen in the service to others. The vibrant colors of the terrazzo floor—embedded with natural stone native to the Arizona desert, recycled glass, and mother of pearl—symbolizes the passionate service and care that first responders give to the community.

The talisman-type art elements of the hand, the bird and the branch that float within the path are symbols of protection of civilian populations, natural populations, and the environment. They are surrounded by a luminescent material that is meant to emit light along the path.

The shape of the path is a Fibonacci spiral—present in the branching of trees, the arrangement of leaves on a stem, and the ancestral code of honeybees—which acts as a representation of life. The “trees” in the glass walls that surround the path are symbolic of the native desert environment: beauty, strength, wisdom and life.

The artists’ goal was to celebrate the special “calling” of the heroes among us through beautiful works of art that will enhance their environment and give them a sense of pride in the sacrifices they make on a daily basis for the wellbeing of the community.


Location26380 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85255, USA

ArtistAmelia Poe and Daniel Martin Diaz

DatesCompleted Summer 2018

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