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Moonflower is an iridescent arrangement of flower sculptures that begin to glow as the evening sets in. Each flower’s petals are constructed with plastic netting covered in glow-in-the-dark paint, which is then lit up from the inside by its own solar-powered LED. The combination of the inner and outer glow invites passersby to enter the luminous garden and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Additionally, the modular, wireless nature of the display allows each flower the opportunity to take on a second life in people’s gardens after the installation.

Moonflower was commissioned by i Light Marina Bay, Singapore’s annual light-based art festival which took place in March 2017. Lee Yun Qin is planning to launch ‘Adopt a Moonflower’ program during, where the donor will receive a Moonflower sculpture and the proceeds will be donated to environmental effort.

Moonflower is now on display at Scottsdale Quarter until mid-2018.

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