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Austin Deuel

The Chaplain

Austin Deuel’s The Chaplain bronze scultpure provides a gathering place for veterans and other special celebrations on the Scottsdale Civic Center Mall.  Formerly, Scottsdale’s veterans had a memorial plaque in the mall, which was small and could not accommodate for many for special honorary ceremonies.  This new sculpture honors veterans and their chaplains, who have served as spiritual advisors to soldiers and provided solace in a time of war.

This was a community intitated project, assisted along by Scottsdale Public Art and the City of Scottsdale. The city supported the siting costs while the sculpture was paid for entirely by veterans’ fundraising efforts. Austin Deuel’s work is appreciated as a wonderful memorial.  Deuel has done a monumental Vietnam Veterans memorial in San Antonio, Texas.


Location3939 N Drinkwater Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, USA

ArtistAustin Deuel

DatesCompleted 2009

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