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Phillip K. Smith III


TRI-HEX-CIRC is a vertical, painted steel sculpture at northern Scottsdale’s Raintree Drive and Hayden Road roundabout. The sculpture geometrically transforms from a circle at its base to a hexagon in the middle and, finally, to a triangle at the top as it lifts more than 50 feet, engaging the ever-changing desert light and expansive sky. Guiding principles of change, light, shadow, and linearity are revealed by the sculpture and landscaping designed for the roundabout. 

Phillip K. Smith III merges the precision and purity of geometry with the immeasurable organic qualities of the hand and nature. He works with light, space, and form to create elementally pure, transformational projects that are site-specific and memorable. Smith seeks to inform his projects with the color, texture, light, and social and cultural contexts of a site while translating this site-specific information through his own artistic filter to create distinct and powerful artwork. His practice fuses the disciplines of art, architecture, and design. Smith’s training as both an architect and an artist allows him to focus on the key conceptual, structural, and logistical realities of his projects. 


Location8053 E Raintree Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, USA

ArtistPhillip K. Smith III

DatesCompleted 2024

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