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Charlene Falk 


Land, Forest, Canyon, Rain, Desert, Ocean, Flora, Moonrise, Summit, Sunrise, Wilderness, and Night Sky 

We find ourselves as dancers in this beautiful, mysterious world, which includes us all. We are poets attempting to describe the world around us. A common amazement. To be alive. To live the wondrous human experience of this planet, under the same sky, with the ground beneath us. Each of us walks differently; what ties us together is the participation in the beauty of nature and the aliveness of creation. Where We Walk celebrates the awe and wonder of the world in which every human shares in our own unique way. 

Description of the Work 

The twelve panels depict scenes of our world. The panels represent experiences of nature common to every human being worldwide. They are not specific geographical locations but rather a shared encounter with the mysterious and miraculous world in which we live. 

The central sculpture draws attention to the human dance through generations of time. The circles represent our planet and the finite moments of life. The figures move with the backdrop of the twelve-panel scenes of nature. Their bodies are purposely open to reveal the shared skeletal of every human walking this earth.   


Location6901 East Main Street, Scottsdale, AZ, USA

ArtistCharlene Falk 

DatesCompleted 2024

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