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Jody Pinto, Steve Martino

Papago Park City Boundary Project

This project was a collaborative effort between the cities of Scottsdale and Phoenix to commission a work of public art that would serve both as a boundary marker for the two cities as well as an entrance into Papago Park. Encompassing almost 2 acres at Papago Park, the sculpture’s intent is to restore the desert site through ancient water-harvesting processes and native seeds. When the project was first conceptualized, the grounds were barren of plants—no cacti or trees. So, the main line of the 240-foot-long stone/earthwork was designed to catch rainwater and nourish seven stone terraces, which were seeded with native plants.

The main wall, capped by two 16-foot-tall stone markers, also aligns with the summer solstice—the longest day of the year. Seven radiating stone walls branch off the main wall, creating a tree-of-life design. The project’s intention was to restore a former national monument (the area was recognized as Papago-Saguaro National Monument from 1914 to 1930) to its former lush, desert park.


LocationF384+7F Phoenix, AZ, USA

ArtistJody Pinto, Steve Martino

DatesCompleted 1992

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