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Troy Neiman

Polygon Plaza

The classic soccer ball is constructed of two types of regular polygons: 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons. In geometry, this configuration is known as a truncated icosahedron and has remained a lasting symbol of the game since the 1960s. Polygon Plaza celebrates this iconic design with a unique convergence of mathematics, sports, and public space.

Artist Troy Neiman designed this piece for the Reata Sports Complex, located at Thompson Peak Parkway and McDowell Mountain Ranch Road. The complex is part of a larger project to build up to 13 full-sized multiuse sports fields to meet the increased demand for lighted sports fields in the community and create the ability for Scottsdale to host larger tournaments.


Location94th Street & Bell Road, Thompson Peak Parkway and McDowell Mountain Ranch Rd

ArtistTroy Neiman

DatesCompleted 2024

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