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Laurie Lundquist and Studio MA

Swimming Dream

Artist Laure Lundquist and Studio MA were the design team behind Swimming Dream. While designing, they took into consideration how the canals carve through Scottsdale’s urban landscape, providing opportunities to walk, run, or ride through terrain that is independent from the grid of city streets. The experience of traveling along these essential utility corridors is tempered and expanded by the cinematic qualities of water as it reflects the desert sky.

The artist team had already worked together as a design group named Portals and Loops. In 1992, Portals and Loops won a national competition to create a forward-thinking design for the Papago Loop Trail, which encompasses the Old Crosscut Canal, Arizona Canal, and the new Crosscut Canal into Papago Park. The design team took into consideration the extensive variety of uses the Crosscut Canal path serves, the surrounding natural habitat, and the neighboring community’s interests. Functional aspects of the canal area that were addressed included the following: wider path areas, lighting to improve safety and aesthetics, shade screens with seating areas, and enhanced landscape treatments.


Location6595 E McDowell Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85257, USA

ArtistLaurie Lundquist and Studio MA

DatesCompleted 2008

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